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5 reasons to train at CMG Sports Club

#1 Convenience
Paris boasts an impressive roster of 10 locations, located very close to main touristic attractions, whether Left or Right Bank. Each club offers a wide range of classes (cardio, strength, pool, relaxation, dance) and is a fitness and peace sanctuary. We provide members an unrivaled experience.
#2 Experience
Be determined. Get a membership and you’re halfway there ! Our 400 instructors are here to help you reach your goals.
#3 Community
At CMG Sports Club, you are bound to make new friends to share your passion or discover new classes with.
#4 Variety
With more than 80 different and ever-changing classes at CMG Sports Club, you will never get bored.
#5 Commitment
The first week will define your success. Our CMG Induction Program will keep you motivated to reach your goals and succeed quickly. In the long run, our fitness instructors will challenge you, no plateaus allowed!